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Do you keep tripping your circuit breaker or blowing fuses? It could very well be time to considering upgrading your electrical panel with the professional service from Star Electric LLC. Our experienced and knowledgeable electrical contractors will help identify any problems with your existing breaker panel and help you find the best solution. We are able to help diagnose your electrical load requirements and determine what you need to keep your property running smoothly. Get rid of dimming and flickering, and never worry about the hassle of tripping your breaker again with our top of the line parts and honest pricing. Give us a call today at (334) 322-9863 to learn more about our services and to book a no-obligation consultation.


The Trusted Source for Electrical Panel Replacement

With over 25 years of experience, we have built a reputation as dependable and hardworking electricians in the area. Our many satisfied customers will attest to the accuracy of our diagnostics and the efficiency of our labor. We have a 1-year warranty on all of our work, so you can trust that everything we do will be done with the utmost care and with keen attention to detail. We offer competitive pricing and 24/7 emergency service, which means whenever an electrical problem strikes, you can count on us to remedy the situation. We believe that our experience, insight, and integrity set us apart as the smart choice to service your breaker box. Contact us today for a free quote and to get started on the panel upgrades you know you need.

Obligation-Free Consultations on Panel Upgrades

When you contact Star Electric LLC, you can always count on receiving accurate quotes and the highest quality service. We treat every job we take with the utmost care and attention to detail. We take all of your specific needs into account and do an in-depth analysis of your property to make sure that we install an infrastructure that meets your requirements. We calculate the electrical load that your property needs, and also make sure to get as much information from you as possible, such as your appliance power requirements or any plans to make additions to the building in the future. We are well-versed in all aspects of electrical work and wiring, so you can depend on us to provide educated, accurate information, and consider the needs of your entire building when we survey your property.

Satisfaction Guaranteed on Electrical Panel Installation

We believe the quality of our work speaks for itself, but that doesn’t stop us from going above and beyond to make sure our customers are completely satisfied. We treat every customer with a friendly and helpful attitude, and all of our labor comes with a warranty, which means you can rest easy knowing we have you covered. Our many happy customers will agree that we treat their property with a careful and respectful attitude, and leave their electrical system running without a hitch.

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At Star Electric LLC, we take electrical work very seriously. Much more than just our livelihood, we take pride in keeping your home or business running smoothly and comfortably. You never know when an electrical emergency will occur and leave you without power, so prepare for the worst by having a breaker panel that can handle whatever you throw at it. Call us today at (334) 322-9863 to learn more.

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